72 Tie Handle Poop Bags, 6 Rolls

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Product Overview

Get an efftortless pick-up experience with our easy tie handle bags. With our textured surface design, there will be no more struggling to get those bags opened! We created extra large bags so you can pick up after any pet, or even multiple times with the same bag. Every color bag has a different scent. Perfect for dog owners who prefer using bags with handles.

Bag features
  • Easy tie handles for quick pick-up
  • Large and extra wide bags for all pet sizes
  • Scented or unscented
  • Odor and moisture locking
  • Bag size: 5.5" W x 17" L with 5.5" side gussets
Color and scent options
  • Red bags - floral scent
  • Yellow bags - ocean scent
  • Green bags - rainforest scent
  • Seafoam bags - sea spray scent
  • Blue bags - baby powder scent
  • Purple bags - lavender scent
  • Pink bags - citrus scent
  • Gray bags - sea spray scent
  • Black bags - unscented


(No reviews yet) Write a Review