About Us

How it all started
Back in 1986, the Crosson family garage was DWB HQ. Chris Crosson, founder and president of Doggie Walk Bags, grew up on Balboa Island, California, where dog nuisance on the bay front had always been an issue. That's where the idea for easy and convenient dog pick-up bags was created. In 1988, we were the first dog waste bag to market! This photo shows Christopher Jr. helping his parents out with the growing business in the early 1990's. He's currently head of product design and warehouse management at the company!
Assembled and packaged with care
All of our products are assembled in-house by our amazing team in Costa Mesa, California. From assembling our duffel dispensers to shipping out pallets of dispenser waste bags, they make sure that our products are built exactly to order.
Giving back to our community
We love being engaged in our community by attending annual local parades and donating products to special events, shelters, and pet organizations. We are proud to support those who are committed to promoting community pride and pet acceptance!
The Humans of Doggie Walk Bags

Chris, President
Favorite product - Pooper Scooper
Laura, Vice President
Favorite product - Butler Dispenser
Brenda, Shipping Manager
Favorite product - Butler Dispenser
Christine, Creative Director
Favorite product - Duffels
Christopher, Product Design
Favorite product - Mini Dispenser
Jennifer, Accounting Manager
Favorite product - 70 Pink Bag Box
Molly, Sales Associate
Favorite product - Reflective Duffel
Rebecca, Marketing & Logistics
Favorite product - Pink Tie Handle Rolls
Rondi, Sales Manager
Favorite product - Rainbow Tie Handle Rolls
Alex, Warehouse Team
Favorite product -
Dulce, Warehouse Coordinator
Favorite product -
Warehouse Team
The Pets of Doggie Walk Bags

Suzy & Ellen
Aro & Charlie
Pumpkin, Hanna, Mable, Dot, Lucy & Sassy