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Doggie Walk Bags office building
The Humans of Doggie Walk Bags

Picture of Chris, President

Chris, President

Favorite product - Pooper Scooper

Picture of Laura, Vice President

Laura, Vice President

Favorite product - Butler Dispenser

Picture of Christine, Creative Director

Christine, Creative Director

Favorite product - Duffel Dispenser

Picture of Christopher, Product Design

Christopher, Product Design

Favorite product - Mini Bag Dispenser

Picture of Jennifer, Accounting Manager

Jennifer, Accounting Manager

Favorite product - 70 Pink Bag Box

Picture of Rebecca, Logistics & Marketing

Rebecca, Marketing & Logistics

Favorite product - 70 Pink Bag Box

Picture of Rondi, Sales Manager

Rondi, Sales Manager

Favorite product - Rainbow Rolls

Picture of Alex, Warehouse Team

Alex, Warehouse Team


Picture of Dulce, Warehouse Coordinator

Dulce, Warehouse Coordinator


Picture of  Warehouse Team

Warehouse Team


The Pets of Doggie Walk Bags

Image of the pets of doggie walk bags employees

Pumpkin, Mable, Dot, Lucy, Sassy, Suzy, Ellen, Sandwich, Hanna, Aro and Joy